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Do you ever bake any products with peanuts or tree nuts in your kitchen?
My daughter is currently treating her food allergies at Southern California Food Allergy Clinic. (Please feel free to ask questions!) Consequently, I now have one dedicated island in my kitchen where her treatment food is dosed and prepared. There are completely separate utensils, tools, island and even a separate sink for my baking. I am probably the most neurotic allergy mom you will meet, and I will make absolutely sure your treats are safe. We lived with life threatening food allergies for the past 16 years, and we still do. I do not take chances with my child, and I would never do so with yours. That being said, I want you to know that we are undergoing this treatment, because I would want to know this myself. I will never prepare my daughter's allergy treatment doses while I have any of my cake orders out, and, as stated above, there is a dedicated nut free island, utensils, tools and sink. Ask any questions you need in order to feel comfortable with this process. 

Do you accommodate other allergies?
Due to my daughter's former egg allergy, I do have some delicious egg-free recipes. I can also accommodate dairy-free requests. I will not be using dedicated egg and dairy-free equipment, but all surfaces and baking supplies will be double washed with a disposable wipe and a fresh sponge. Please inform me of all allergies so I can be sure to eliminate cross-contact issues.

Do you bake gluten-free?
I'm sorry. Due to the large amount of flour that is in use in my kitchen, I do not bake gluten-free.

Do I need to have an allergy to order one of your cakes?
No! I bake for everyone! I, obviously, cannot accommodate any requests for baked goods with nuts, but you won't even miss them!

Do you deliver?
I no longer offer delivery.

Do you require a deposit?
Yes. I require a 50% deposit to hold your date since I am only able to make a certain number of cakes per week. Payment in full is required 3 business days prior to your pick up date. I accept Venmo and personal checks. 

What is your cancellation policy?
Cancellations made 14 days prior to your pick up or delivery date with be refunded minus a $25.00 handling fee. Cancellations made within two weeks of pick up or delivery will forfeit the full 50% deposit. I'm sorry, but there are no exceptions to this policy. I can only make a certain number of products each week, and I will have already dedicated time for your creation.

What is a cake pop?
A cake pop is almost like a cake truffle. The center is fully baked cake that is crumbled and mixed with a tiny bit of frosting. The coating is milk or white chocolate. The chocolate can also be colored and flavored. I use Vermont Nut Free chocolate for my candy coating. 

How much are cake pops?
Cake pop pricing starts at $3 per cake pop and goes up from there, depending on the complexity of the design. Sprinkles and chocolate drizzle are included in this fee. The minimum order is one dozen per cake flavor. There is no minimum for the type of chocolate. For instance, you could have 12 yellow cake cake pops and have half dipped in white chocolate and half dipped in milk chocolate.

How much are cupcakes?
Cupcake prices are $2.50 and up, depending on whether or not the cupcake is a specialty flavor, filled and the complexity of the design. The minimum order is one dozen per flavor. Standard cupcake flavors are chocolate, yellow cake and white cake. Egg and dairy-free flavors begin at $2.75 per cupcake and are available for vanilla or chocolate only.

How much are your cakes?
All cakes are custom made, so there is no set price. The complexity of the design, time required to make your cake and price of ingredients factor into the pricing. 
Fondant or modeling chocolate figures are an additional $20 per hour for the time required to make these pieces. I will provide you with an estimate of my time and will not charge more if I have underestimated the complexity of the 3D fondant figures.